Welcome to the Help Club for Moms!

We are an authentic group of real moms who seek to grow transparently together and to know personally, the God who created us. We do this through intentional Bible study, faithful prayer relationships, fellowship, and practical “Mom Tips” designed to help us to become all that God created us to be!

There are two ways you can join in our studies:


Grab your own Hard Copy of our upcoming study,

“The Wise Woman Builds Bible” which begins Monday! :

  • We are so excited to be able to offer our current study available in book form which includes all the Bible Studies and Mom Tips! We highly encourage you to join in on this option as it the easiest and simplest way to follow along! You can purchase your copy for just $12.99 HERE!

Online (this is free!):

  • Print the weekly Bible study and Mom Tips, or access them online through our Facebook page. There are just three simple, but deep studies per week! New bible studies and “mom tips” are available every Sunday on the website.
  • Print the Mom Tips, pray which tips you will attempt throughout the week, and put them on your refrigerator or  any place where you will see them.
  • Plan which days you will do the study. Be flexible, don’t stress, and find what works for you!

Want to join the HCFM community? Come as you are and journey with us! Here are the different ways to get connected:

  • Prayer is an important component of the Help Club for Moms! Find a prayer partner to do the study with and to pray with once a week.
  • Like Help Club for Moms on facebook,  follow us on Instagram @helpclubformoms, and on Pinterest.  It’s a great way to get connected with other moms, find out what is new with the HCFM, and discuss what we are learning.
  • Subscribe to our weekly emails. Get the weekly bible study delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Be a part of our community! Post in the comments section of each study and on Facebook to join the conversation, post prayer requests, and thoughts about what we are learning.
  • Help to build our community: invite other moms to our site, call a friend to discuss the study, and use the hashtag #helpclubformoms to spread the word on social media.

Please browse our website to find more about who we are and our vision!  We at Help Club for Moms are excited to embark on this journey with you!!!


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