He Must Become Greater; I Must Become Less

“That joy is mine, and it is now complete. He must become greater; I must become less.” John 29-30.

Sweet sisters, as we approach this Mother’s Day, ask God to remind you of your “why”. He has placed you in this position for such a time as this. Maybe you are struggling with being all that God has called you to be. Maybe you get caught up in your own will and not God’s. As moms, we must be able to say with joyful conviction, that Jesus must become greater and we must become less. Let him be the Lord over your life and the life of your family.

Let us take our lesson from John the Baptist.

A strong breeze blew and rippled through the dark waters of the Jordan River. John stood waist deep in the water. His camel clothing wet from hours of baptizing.

The lines were getting longer; his name and reputation were continuing to grow. It would have been so easy for John the Baptist to get swept up in success and popularity and to forget his purpose. The people came to him in droves. He was often asked if he was the Messiah. He was a local celebrity.

John confined himself to the desert for years. He would live a solitary life with no comforts and no luxuries. He was a voice crying in the wilderness; his focus always aligned with God’s will, even when it was painful and uncomfortable.

John the Baptist would never heal, deliver, cast out a demon, or raise someone from the dead. He would be a pivotal piece of God’s ordained plan, but he would always be a supporting actor—he would never be the star.

Mamas, I know that it can be difficult to be in a position of servanthood to your families. You do not get the recognition, the honor, or the thanks that you so richly deserve. But, like John the Baptist, it is important for us to remember our role. Our position is not to become famous, but to direct our children to the Famous One. You may feel overlooked, but know that El Roi, the God Who Sees, never keeps his eyes off of you.

I pray the Holy Spirit would lead, guide, and comfort you as you walk in the “less” to lead your children to the “greater”.

Blessings mighty women of God,

Susie and the Help Club for Mom’s Team



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