Hearing From God

“The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.” Psalm 29:4 (KJV)

“God’s voice is still and quiet and easily buried under an avalanche of clamor.” Charles Stanley


  • It’s time to seek the Lord’s face! When we bury our faces in God’s Word, we reflect His glory! I have seen this reflection on men and women who spend quality time with Jesus. I want this same glow! Read Psalm 105:2-4
    and Psalm 63:1-2, write these verses in your journal, and then take a few minutes to read and meditate on the rest of Psalm 63. If you want to go deeper, add Psalm 73:23-28 to your reading today.

Hearing From God

Our purpose as God’s creation is to commune with God, to hear His voice, and to follow what He says. Think back to Adam and Eve: their primary purpose in the garden was to walk with the Lord and fellowship with Him. God created them to commune with Him and to be His friends. God wants to talk to us too!

An important step in hearing from God is blocking out distraction. We need to be like the baseball pitcher in the movie, “For Love of the Game,” who blocks out the noisy fans and calms his anxieties to become single-mindedly focused on delivering a pitch. In the film, “The Legend of Bagger Vance,” a pro golfer uses this same technique to block out the noise of the crowd and align his swing for success. Like these athletes, we benefit from narrowing our focus and attention on God. When we ignore or put our concerns on hold, we are more apt to hear God’s still voice.

If you have trouble hearing from God, carve time out for solitude. We need a sanctuary—a place to meet with God. Begin by asking the Lord’s forgiveness for any sin in your life. Come before the Lord in humility. This will put you in right standing with the Holy of Holies!

I once heard a story called “A Gallon of Milk” by an unknown author. In this story, there was a man at a midweek Bible study. The topic was hearing from God, but this man had little experience of hearing God’s voice. Wanting to experience this himself, the man asked God to speak to him on the way home. While driving, the Holy Spirit spoke in his ear to stop at the store and buy a gallon of milk. Not sure if the idea was from God or not, he kept driving home. Again he felt he should stop and buy the milk. He remembered the Bible story of how Samuel had heard from the Lord and ran to Eli, so he said: “Is that you, God?” He stopped, obeyed, and bought the milk. As he continued to drive home, he heard in his mind he should drive down a certain street. He passed it up but at once felt like he was to turn around. He wondered if he was imagining the directions. Suddenly, he felt the need to stop in front of a small, dark house. He asked God, “Lord what am I to do? It doesn’t look like anyone is home. What if I am wrong?” God prompted him to go to the door and give the milk to whoever came to the door. He lamented that he thought it was insane to just walk up and offer milk to strangers, but he said: “God, if this is you, then I will obey even if it makes me look like a crazy person.” So as the story goes, he obediently walked up and rang the doorbell. A man opened the door, and he thrust the jug of milk at him and said: “Here, I bought you some milk.” The man just looked at him with a crazy expression and then turned and rushed down the hall. The man returned, carrying a crying baby, and with tears streaming down his face, he explained that they had run out of money and couldn’t buy their baby milk. They had just been praying and asking God to provide the milk that they needed. The young man offered what money he could, and as he walked back to his car with tears in his own eyes, he knew that God does still speak and answer prayers.

I love this story and how it emphasizes that God speaks to His children. Hearing is one thing, but heeding is another. They go hand-in-hand to execute God’s plan. Challenge yourself to hear from God and do what He says!

Blessings and Love,


Questions to Ponder

  • Do you hear God’s still, small voice? Do you reserve time to be still?
  • The same Holy Spirit that lives inside of you also lives inside of your children. If they have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, your kids can hear from God too! Encourage your little ones to be quiet before the Lord and to ask God to give them ears to hear!

Faith-Filled Ideas

I took a spiritual gifts class in college where we were encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit to talk to us through handwriting. We sat with paper and pen, asking the Spirit to download what He wanted to say. Then we just started writing. It was awesome to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through our own hands! Go ahead and try this exercise. God wants to talk to us and tell us how much we are loved and valued. He has great plans for us. And He wants us to tell the world about His love, power, and redemptive plan!

If you are confident that you hear from God, do you write down what He says? He speaks through His Word, through His people, and in His still, small voice. Seek the Lord and ask Him to speak to you!

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