It’s Been a Tough Day

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 NIV

This mom bun has accomplished a lot today. I woke up with five challenging children that caused me to have to cancel our plans for the day (and an opportunity to see my friends).

-Because being a mom comes first.

-Because my kiddos needed rest after a long fun weekend, and they also needed consequences for disobedience.

-Because my strong-willed child was. Just. Done. With. Life at 9 am and she just Couldn’t. Even. Anymore. You know, because, according to her, “I’m the worst mom ever.”

I prayed and kept Mommyin’ along. It was 10:30 am by the time the behaviors of all the children were done and I got around to making breakfast (they weren’t starving since they had plenty of snacks; the remnants were all over my kitchen as evidence).

I felt God telling me to be outdoors with my kids and spend time in the beautiful weather planting our vegetable garden together. Ultimately it ended up getting done, but the house was destroyed in the process, and the two-year-old was buck naked in the mud.

One child helped with the entire tone though. The rest of them…..well…not so much.

I kept going with the flow…

Lunch… not until 3 pm.

Got everyone fed, cleaned up, and the Little’s napping. Afterward, all I wanted to do was devour a bowl of ice cream and check out after our day, but I made a commitment to work out daily. So I did and felt happy because I chose to take care of myself.

I finally fell into bed at 9:30 pm. I was so tired I don’t even remember closing my eyes.

Mommying is hard guys, but don’t give up. The sacrifices are worth it, seek guidance and strength from Jesus and He. Will. Give. It. You are worth it. Your kids are worth it.

Pray this prayer today:

“Jesus, I thank you that You are with me and You see my hardest moments with my kids. Help me to trust You more, even when life gets hard.  Give me the patience and help I need to be the joy-filled mom You’ve created me to be. Help me to love my kids like You do and not get discouraged. Fill me our with Your peace today. Amen.” 

With Love,



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