Keep on Doing that Hard Thing Mama

“Our obedience in staying when the going gets tough is what builds our faith and produces the character and person that God created us to be.” – The Wise Woman Stays Bible Study

Just as a farmer plants his seed, gives it water, and cares for his crop through rough weather, we are to have the same mindset in motherhood. These daily, seemingly mundane tasks that we do is the nurturing. It is the tending. It is the loving care that yields it’s fruit in season! Maybe your harvest has not come. Does that mean it’s time to give up? Don’t lose heart! STAY the course. Remain faithful. Know that God will grow your planted seed in His time and all you have to do is remain in Him and KEEP tending.

So keep doing that hard thing, mama. God sees you. While we tend to our families and commit to staying the course no matter if it is during one of the storms or droughts of life, God is tending to our hearts relentlessly. He never gives up. He walks each step with us and encourages us keep on keepin’ on! He tells us to never lose hope. Most of all, to finish the race he has set before us… and to finish WELL.

When we take each day by faith, when we stay faithful, when we choose to not just endure, but find JOY in it, Jesus’ light is able to shine through us. It creeps into the crevices and cracks only we can know about.

Lean into Jesus, friend. There is SO MUCH goodness there! If you stay, you will reap a great harvest! 

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