Making Room for Prayer: Companion Guide

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Matthew 6:6

Hello Sister! How is your quiet time with Jesus going? Have you created a special place where you have this uninterrupted time? As busy moms, it’s hard to carve time out of our schedules to give our first fruits (our undivided attention first thing in the morning) to the Lord. Quite honestly, it takes a whole lot of intentionality! Maybe, you’re challenged to have morning quiet time and need to wait until your baby or toddler takes a nap or after you’ve gotten your big kids off to school and there is calm in your household. Perhaps you are a homeschooling mama and reserve time for you and your kids to do devotions together. Sweet
mom, God honors any time we give Him, and He waits patiently for us to come to Him any hour of the day. The key is that we set aside time and room for Him to reign in our busy lives.

Making room for prayer in our lives will ultimately help us to grow closer to God. He alone brings true hope, love, joy, and peace to our souls. But first, we must nurture our relationship with Him by removing ourselves from the cares of the world to communicate with Him. In today’s study, I mentioned steps to creating a secret place to meet with God. Have you designated a comfy chair, a corner of your closet, or made a tri-fold board? Take some time right now to plan your cozy retreat. Gather all the things you will need: Bible, journal, pen, candle, and notecards, and keep them there to invite you. Sister, are you the type of mom who runs on consistency? If so, why not schedule a certain time of day so that you can remove yourself to this spot? Set your timer and start this life-changing habit. You might start with 15 minutes
a day, and then as you press in, you might find yourself spending more and more quality time with Jesus. God honors our faithfulness and is pleased even in our baby steps.

Prayer allows us to encounter God! It provides open communication where we can share our hearts—our gratitude, our dreams, and our needs. It is a place where we can express our frailty and need for a Savior, where we can be empowered and strengthened in His presence, and where God downloads His purposes for us and guides us in the way we should go. Wow, what a byproduct of communicating with our heavenly Father!

So why not start afresh today in coming before the Lord in prayer? Prepare Him room in your heart!

With Love,

Rae-Ellen Sanders

Pray with Me:

“Father God, help me to make prayer a priority in my life every day. Show me a time and place where I can make room for prayer to happen. Thank You that prayer allows me to come into Your presence, to be recharged, and to grow closer to You. Holy Spirit, bring refreshment to my soul when I put You first in my life, and create a hunger in me to spend time with You.”

Have a Talk with God:

What is the Father saying to you today? Did you know that reading the Bible makes us look more and more like Jesus? Ask Him to give you a lens to accept change as you read the Bible. Take a moment to ask God to reveal the importance of prayer and daily quiet time. Ask Him to show you exactly where you should spend this retreat from the world. Our Heavenly Father wants to delight in us and for us to delight in Him. Ask Him to elevate quiet time to your favorite part of the day so that you are motivated not to miss this important time spent with the lover of your soul. Write any words, phrases, or sentences that He reveals to you.

Rae-Ellen Sanders
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