Mama, Give Yourself Permission to Receive

Sweet Mama, right now we are in a season of constant giving, but are we giving ourselves permission to receive? Because of our busyness, it takes a lot of effort to accept grace, to receive love, to rest in the Lord. However, it’s as important as the air we breathe. We cannot breathe out, without breathing in – we need oxygen or we die!

We only GIVE to the capacity we RECEIVE. If we take-in less than we give-out, we burn-out. Let’s stop lighting our own fires (working in our own strength) – let’s let the Lord light us, so we can burn brightly, bring warmth, life, and light to our little family and the world.

Below are 6 R’s – 6 practical steps, explaining how we can fill ourselves up and spill out God’s LIFE onto others.

• Remember (God’s goodness. Breathe IN God’s unconditional love and grace, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, your sins are forgiven. You are loved).

• Receive (God’s righteousness. Tell Him how grateful you are for His mercy – getting what you don’t deserve. Worship Him).

• Rest (in God’s finished work on the cross. Recognize you now sit with Him in heavenly places. I.e. Ephesians 2:6).

• Read (His Word).

• Respond (pray in the Sprit – live out what He says).

• Relax (free yourself from your own agenda. Freely follow God’s prompting instead).

Mom, enjoy your husband, your kids, and your life – you have many blessings! Pray with me:

“Father God, I rest in your unconditional love – I release my fears and worries, I breathe in your grace, your mercy, and forgiveness. I trust you, with everything in me. I lean on you fully, embracing the finished work of Jesus. Have your way – set me on fire with your Holy Spirit. Breathe on me. I want LIFE to flow out of everything I do”. ~Amen

Mari Jo Mast

Mari Jo, her husband Kim and family left everything that was familiar to them 13 years ago to move to beautiful Colorado.They live on a mini-farm which includes Snickers (a small Yorkie-Poo), arooster named Cracker Jack, and 23 chickens who supply them with fresh eggs every day! It is their desire to allow all 7 of their children to live outside of the box, to pursue Jesus and follow their God-given desires for His greater purpose. Two are happily married to spouses who are greatly loved. They have a sweet little Grandson and a little Granddaughter will be added this summer!

Mari Jo had an encounter with the living God in 2000, and was freed from the bondage of legalism. She is passionate about Jesus and his love, and desires for everyone to know He is alive!
Mari Jo Mast

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