Maundy Thursday with Pastor Andrew Arndt

Humble Love Conquers the World!

Happy Maundy Thursday! You are not going to want to miss Pastor Andrew Arndt as he chats about what Jesus was doing on this powerful day of Holy Week! Here’s the scoop on the video:

On Thursday of Holy Week, Christians around the world celebrate what is known as “Maundy Thursday.” The word “Maundy” comes from the Latin “mandatum” which means “new”—as in the “new commandment” Jesus gave his disciples to “love one another” in John 13.

Do you know how Jesus showed them his love? By washing their feet… think of it… the Master himself… King of the universe… Lord of all… stooped THAT low to show his love—and then told them to do the same! In fact, he said that through this kind of love, the world would know that they were his disciples!

What does it look like to love like THAT? In our homes, with our kids, our spouses? Let’s talk!

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*Originally aired Holy Week 2021

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