Mom Tip in Action: Read Aloud to your Children

Hi Mamas! It’s Rachel here and I cannot wait to share with you one of my most favorite ever of all time mom tips – reading out loud to your kids! Practically speaking, study after study has shown that reading aloud to our children introduces them to a richer vocabulary, promotes early literacy and improves grammatical understanding. Wow! For simply those reasons alone all parents should be reading out loud to their children.
However, as Christian moms, there are so many other vital ways reading time can be the most meaningful time of your day. We can teach our kids about Jesus through the books we read, powerful conversations can arise and teaching opportunities are plentiful while reading. Also, the intimacy and closeness developed while your child is snuggled up next to you is priceless. Lastly, it is FUN! Truly it is!
Pictured are some of our family’s favorites. Please let me know if you would like any other suggestions! Currently, I read a lot of chapter books with my girl’s ages 7, 8, and 10, but I also have an almost two-year-old boy so I am in the toddler board book world as well. 😊 And what books have you read to your children that your family enjoyed?
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