15/5 Mom Tips Week 5

As we enter week 5 of our 15/5 Challenge, take a moment to stop…even for just a few seconds.  Breathe in the truth that you are a child of God, you are loved by Him and He adores all the strides you make to draw closer to Him each week. Being in your Word each day is Holy Work. It is refining and it is what gets you closer to being the person and mama that God intended for you to be!

Okay, now on to another Mom Tip! This one is so good. Our lives often get cluttered, literally and figuratively! This week, we are encouraging you to get rid of 30 items in your home! You know the ones… they lurk on your counters, in your closets, in your cupboards or maybe your floors! They are the things that make life just feel more unnecessarily chaotic and stressful. Just like it is good to purge sinful habits in our hearts, it’s also good to purge the clutter that surrounds us in our homes!

Grab your bin or trash bag and get to work, mama! Drop it off at your local Goodwill, church outreach program or shelter. You are helping someone else and clearing the “stuff” from your life that you really don’t need!

Praying for you as we open up our Bibles this week and begin Week 5!

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