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Sweet Friends,

As we dive into the topic of ā€œHearing God,ā€ there are a few things to note:

  • When we stop to hear from God, we know where to go!
    If you find yourself in a season where you are unsure of where to go or what to do,Ā Jesus is calling you. He wants you to hear from Him!
  • When we hear from God, He brings healing.
    The very presence of Jesus in our lives brings healing to our souls, especially when we areĀ certain that He is talking to us and cares for us! His love is a balm like no other!
  • It takes practice!
    Sometimes it doesn’t feel easy to hear from God, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t talking to us and guiding us. It simply means we are out of practice of going to Him and learning to hear fromĀ Him. We can hear God in so many ways: interacting with someone we love, worshipping in songĀ or prayer, reading our Bible, or consulting a friend or mentor. If you are out of practice, mama, you are in the right place!

We pray that you ā€œHear from Godā€ and that your relationship with Him is closer and sweeterĀ because of it!

With Love,
Krystle Porter and the Help Club for Moms Team

“Prayer is first of all listening to God. Itā€™s openness. God is always speaking;Ā heā€™s always doing something. Prayer is to enter into that activity…Ā Convert your thoughts into prayer. As we are involved in unceasing thinking,Ā so we are called to unceasing prayer. The difference is not that prayer isĀ thinking about other things, but that prayer is thinking in dialogue…Ā a conversation with God.” Henri Nouwen

Krystle Porter

Hi, I'm Krystle! A mama to five little crazy, wild, FUN kids and have been married to my husband for 14 years! Wow, time flies šŸ˜‰ I am a DIY enthusiast & I love to cook and bake. If you ask me over for any type of tea you have spoken directly to my heart! I love the ocean and sitting down to a good book is my favorite (unless I fall asleep 2 pages in like usual....I have 4 kids, remember?!). I love Jesus and hope that anything I write displays his unending & unconditional love toward me and YOU!

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