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“… How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1

Dear Sister,

I am in awe of friendships that have traversed time and have gone the distance. You know the ones I am talking about—the 20 plus year friendships that are still going strong. This week we will be sharing about friendship, how important it is, how to be humble, how to forgive and how to foster your friendships.

What a treasure to know someone and to be accepted by them through the test of time. How does a friendship like that work, you might ask…? My mom, who is one of my greatest role models, still has a friendship that has lasted over 40 years and is rock solid. My mom’s “bestie” has become like family to me and to mine. My kids call her grandchildren their “Virginia cousins” and are just as excited to see them as their flesh and blood relatives.

I asked my mom and Ms. Patty, her faithful friend, how their relationship has stayed nourished so long and to share advice with us on how to make friendships last. My mom said, “Sometimes you have to overlook stuff, because a friend loves at all times” (Proverbs 17:17a). Ms. Patty encourages us, “Hold onto the friends that lift your hands up to victory.”

These two women were opposites then and now; my mom was raised in New Jersey with a large personality and Patty who was raised in Nebraska is quiet and reserved. They saw in each other beautiful qualities that they were both influenced by. When one needed lifting up the other would pray and offer encouragement. When one was weak, the other was strong.

They haven’t always lived close to each other and for a season during mothering lost touch but were able to pick up right where they left off. Now, these two special women live minutes away from each other in their retirement. They continue to complement each other so well; constantly thinking of each other, dropping off a tomato from their garden or asking what they can pick up from the store.

They also continue to support and love each other’s families as their own. In their seventies, they still go to Bible study and prayer meetings, and out to lunch like besties.

I hope their steadfast example encourages you to pick up where you left off with a friend from your past or commit to making your current friendships last a lifetime.

Rae-Ellen Sanders and the Help Club For Moms Team

“Jesus imparts, through the way that He loves us, the ability to love others deeply and freely. The love of Jesus makes it possible to truly care for, fight for, and serve our friends without worry or fear that they will not love us back. The love of Jesus frees us from the need to fight for ourselves, to protect ourselves, or take the weaknesses and deficiencies of those we love personally. His love is what makes true friendships endure the difficult seasons of life.” David Sliker


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  1. Thank you Rae-Ellen; this was so beautiful! I too have a friend that even though we’ve only known each other for seven years, we have become soul sisters and we can share anything with each other. We lift each other up with prayer and encouragement as often as we can. I think every woman needs a special friend, if not more than one.

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