My Thoughts Vs. God’s Thoughts

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Does your saved (Christian) child struggle with negative thoughts? Even though they are saved, they can still believe lies about themselves; it’s hard for them to see how wonderfully God views them. This takes a renewing of the mind according to the Word. God sees perfection (Jesus) in them, but our children many times live out or act according to their natural belief about themselves. Many times Satan whispers lies in their ears that are too easy to believe (Just like he does to us moms)!

This morning I sat down with one of my boys (to spend time with him before he went to school). Tears welled up and spilled over as he shared the lies he was believing about himself.

  •       I’m a bad boy
  •       I’m disobedient
  •       I’m unloved
  •       I’m a failure
  •       I’m a sinner
  •       I’m impure

It would have been easy to agree, but the Lord gently reminded me – although these feelings feel super real to my child in the moment, they are NOT true according to the Word (therefore the lies cannot be validated).

Jesus says:

I took some time to speak the truth (what God says about him) and prayed with my son. I felt hope rise in his spirit and God’s joy returning in him. He needed to be reminded of his true identity as a Believer – what God says.

While he is gone I’m doing a more in-depth study, looking for even more truth with Scripture references. I cannot wait to share them with him this afternoon when he comes home! I want him to hide God’s precious words in his heart, so they continue to shape and mold his life.

Moms, it’s super important for our children to know and believe God’s Word. It exposes Satan’s tactics and renders him powerless. Like a mighty battering ram, it helps them defeat the enemy and walk confidently in God’s divine purpose for their lives!

(More can be read about this on Day 7 of The Joy Challenge for Moms in the Joy-Filled idea)



Mari Jo Mast and the Help Club for Moms Team


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