Prayer – Mom Tips for the Week

by Deb Weakly

-Work on your prayer binder 2 days this week. 

Day 1______ Day 2______

-Know what’s for dinner by 9am three days this week:

Day 1______ Day 2______ Day 3______

-Record 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 on your phone recording app. Play it several times a day until you have it memorized. Just for fun, pick a different child each day to say the verse into your phone app. That way, you can memorize to the sound of your child’s voice and your children can learn it too, as well as watch their mommy memorize scripture. Remember, so much of the time, our faith is “caught” as well as taught!

-When my children were little, they were VERY active, especially my daughter, Christie. She was always into something, so curious to see everything that life had in store for her. She was constantly moving and  inquiring, and sometimes too active for her own good. When Christie was overtired, (usually because Mom kept her a bit too busy sometimes), she seemed to get super hyperactive and many times got her sweet little self into trouble.  I would often say to her “Christie, please be still,” but many times, she didn’t listen, couldn’t listen because she was so physically and emotionally exhausted. It was then that I learned the power of having a “quiet time” in our house. On most days, about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we would settle in, each to his bed, and have a time of rest for about an hour.

During this time, the children had a choice to nap or read. Each child could listen to a book on tape, Adventures in Odyssey, Classical Kids or simply read a book of their choice. I believe this hour of rest every day not only blessed our children physically, but also intellectually. We got to retreat from all of the noise and racket of our busy home and all could have a little time alone. Our quiet times seemed to take care of a lot of grumpiness and grouchiness that usually happened right before dinner. When the children were home, and not running around all day, they seemed more at peace, and easier to get along with.

Pick a day this week to start the habit of having a “quiet time” in your home. Prepare for it by getting a CD player and going to the library to pick out books and a fun book on CD. Make it fun by offering a prize at the end of the week to each child who could stay in their room for 30 minutes. Set a timer if you need to so your children know when they are finished with quiet time. You could even start with 15 minutes and work up to 45 minutes or an hour. Pray and ask God how many days per week you should have a quiet time. I will say consistency is best. If your children absolutely hate it, please don’t feel like you have to do it! Remember our Help Club motto, “You do you!”        Done:______

Pray and ask the Lord how you can be an encouragement to your friend who is struggling. -You may not be experiencing a time of struggle in your life right now but may know someone who is. Write her a note, bring a meal, offer to keep her children, or simply call her to pray or text her a prayer.The main thing is that she knows someone else cares about what she is going through and that she has someone praying for her. This is a wonderful way to show the love of Christ to those around us and who are in deep need of knowing that God sees them and hears their prayers. Tangible love given by other believers makes us feel loved by God.                                                                      Done:______

Keep worship music on as much as possible in your house. When we worship, it’s hard to worry, be angry or depressed. Involve your children in music choices. Let your children pick the songs too so they can worship with their style of music too!              Done:______

Write the following words on 2 sticky notes and place one each at your kitchen sink and bathroom mirror- “But wait, have you prayed about it?”-I love this idea from Karen Ehman who wrote the book “Keep it Shut: What to Say, How to Say it, and When to Say Nothing at All.” Ponder and put these words into practice this week.                         Done:______

-Continue working for 15 minutes on one area of your home that needs organizing. Do this 3 days this week.

Day 1______ Day 2______ Day 3______

On Saturday, take a moment and plan out your menus for next week and your shopping list. Get your shopping done and chop all of your vegetables for the week ahead of time. List your meals here:

Monday         _________________________________________________________________

Tuesday        _________________________________________________________________

Wednesday  _________________________________________________________________

Thursday      _________________________________________________________________

Friday           _________________________________________________________________

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