Speak “Light” Today, Mama

The very first words God spoke (recorded in Scripture), are powerful and life-giving!
“Let there be light”. (Genesis 1:3)
Light brings hope and joy! It dispels darkness, warms and invigorates. It leads, guides and brings clarity to us.
Light exposes, reveals and uncovers. It illuminates, brings understanding, reveals hidden things and initiates bright change!
Mama, may we create joy as we speak “light” today. May our words generate hopeful expectation and affirmative change in the hearts of our husband, children, and the world.
Instead of saying what we see, may we speak what God says. This brings light! What He proclaims, is true, brings revelation and changes our perspective – from dark despair to eternal promise. We bring hope into tomorrow, by speaking His words today.
“Lord, please help us. Open our ears to hear what You are saying! Help us bring your joy into existence with our words. ~Amen”
Mari Jo Mast

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