How to Make a Prayer Binder

by Deb Weakly




“Prayers are deathless. They outlive the lives of those who uttered them.”

-E.M. Bounds

Prayer is so powerful! My prayer binder has meant so much for me over the years. I feel as if I have hope! Everything that concerns me or that I worry about can be placed in the hands of the One who alone can save, do miracles and work in the lives of those for whom I pray. I love this quote from E.M. Bounds because it speaks about our prayers outliving us and being timeless! We never know who will be affected by our faithful prayers for others. We could be affecting someone who will live 100 years from now! When we pray we are sending a message forward to a time we will not see. Our prayers transcend time and keep going, even for our great-great grandchildren and beyond.  Think about it! We can pray now for those in our lineage to know Christ, and to serve Him with their whole hearts.

(I originally got this idea from the wonderful Emilie Barnes. She is an amazing author and taught me how to organize my life as a Christian wife and mother. I am so thankful for all of her books! Find them at your local library. They are awesome! 🙂

*** I am giving you  instructions to make a binder for your prayers, but if you prefer to have your prayers on your phone and with you all of the time, you could try an app like “Evernote.” You can group them by days of the week, and even have categories.

Remember- “You do You!”

First things first. Pray and ask God to show you what prayers he wants you to include in your prayer binder. You could look back over your journals, and observe which prayers seem to keep coming up. You could also look in your Bible for notes and verses that you keep coming back to and include those verses written out as prayers. If the concept of journaling is new to you, simply pray and ask God to show you what He wants you to pray for your family. He will direct you to His Word and will speak to you. If you need to take a few days journaling and asking God what to include, by all means take your time.

Supplies needed:

-Small three-ring binder with a clear plastic front so you can slide a piece of paper behind the plastic and customize your prayer binder

-Translucent sheet protectors (10-20)

-Notebook paper or your favorite paper to write your prayers on that will fit in the sheet protectors.

-Decorative paper if you want to be creative, but don’t let perfectionism get in the way of finishing your prayer book. The most important thing is that you finish 🙂

-Seven Dividers with tabs

-My binder is simply a 3 ring binder with the clear plastic page protectors. I have organized my prayers into sections. This way I only have to pray a little each day.

My sections are:

Monday-Prayers for Randy and my marriage( fun, communication, intimacy, finances, etc)

Tuesday-Prayers for my children

Wednesday-Prayers for others- parents, in-laws, friends,etc.(great relationships, healing from illness, marriages) I also pray for my church and missionaries,etc.

Thursday-Prayers for Deb- these are prayers for myself to remember what is most important in this life and for God to help me be a good wife and Mama

Friday-Prayers for our children’s education (homeschool or in classroom)

Saturday-Scriptures to pray (scriptures I love to pray personally and keep in front of me to remember)

Sunday-Church Sermon Notes and things the Lord is teaching me

*** I also keep sweet cards and notes from my family in the pockets of my binder. 🙂


Here are some examples of my prayers. Remember, you can use my prayers as a guide, but don’t forget to ask God for your own specific prayers for your family. You do you!

Prayers for Randy and marriage-   As always, you be you! Customize your prayers to fit your particular situation. We all have different husbands and different “puzzles” that we have to work with. Don’t compare yourself or husband or children to anyone else. Pretend you are a horse running a race with blinders on- don’t look around at anyone else or their particular marriages or kids. Don’t compare! Walk with God on your own. Spend time with Him and seek Him daily for wisdom for your family.

“Let me be a source of joy to my husband. Let him “rejoice with the wife of his youth.” Please keep us occupied with gladness of heart.

Please help me to talk to my husband in a way that brings us closer together. Help me to respect him. Help me to praise him more in private and in front of other people. Give me eyes to see my husband’s heart.

Help me to remember why I fell in love with him in the first place. Rekindle our love. Help us to forgive and keep no bitterness or unforgiveness in our hearts. Help us to celebrate more.

Help me to be fun to be around and bring life to my home.

Take my burdens so I can simply walk with you, day-by-day and be a woman who “smiles at the future” and trusts her God. Help me to pray for my husband more and to give him grace as much as possible. Amen.”

I also pray for our intimacy in our marriage:

“Lord, please bless our intimacy in our marriage. Show us ways to make it more fun and interesting. Help me and my husband to desire it more often. Help me to make intimacy a priority. Help us to both see the blessing that it is and the gift that it is in our marriage. Give us the energy and time to be together. Let our intimacy get better as we age and are married longer. Strengthen my marriage in every way possible.”


***If you are struggling in this area of your marriage, ask the Lord to bring you peace, joy and blessing for your intimacy between you and your husband. Pray for healing-both physically and emotionally. God, can do miracles in all of our lives. Ask God to help you to have honest conversations with your husband that will bring you closer. Pray for God to bless your marriage more than you could ask or imagine!


I feel like there are many husbands who are sick or are stressed out with work, or they may be unhappy in their lives and feel far from God. He may have scars in his heart. You may have scars in your marriage. Your prayers for him could be something like:

“Lord, please bless my husband. Draw his heart to you. Let him know that you love him, see him and are proud of him. Help him to walk with you closer. Give him a desire and the moments to spend time with you and read your word.

Lord, please heal my husband’s body. Help him to feel better. Revive his soul, awaken it. Revive his passion. Help my husband to find peace and happiness in his life.

Please give my husband success in his work. Let my husband be “respected at the city gate.” Let your “favor surround him as with a shield.”
Please give my husband a new vision for his home life with me and the children. Help my husband to lead us well, both physically and spiritually. Show him how to teach the children about God and help me to get out of the way and let him lead- his particular way.


Prayers for myself:

“Lord, Let me take time to be with my children today. Help me to establish better priorities so I will take the necessary time with my sweet family. Help me to stop what I am doing when I can and really look them in the eyes and let them know that they are important to me.”

I also Prayed scriptures- “Lord, teach me to number my days so that I will gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12 and “Show me, Oh Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days. Let me know how fleeting is my life.” Psalm 39:4

“Lord, Please help me to play with the kids more and to enjoy my kids more! Help me to laugh a lot and be fun to be around. Please help me to make the time to love my children in a way that they feel loved.”

“Help me to listen to them more and to remember that they are only in our home for a short time.”

“Lord, Please help me to learn to talk to Randy, Christie and Jack (and now Alex:) in a way that they feel loved and draws them closer to me.”

“Lord, Please help me to be a humble servant for my family.

Help me to be more positive and encouraging.

Help me to make it through my day in your strength, and not my try to do it alone.

Please give me the wisdom each day to know what is important.”

“Please help me to have a sweet spirit and not a critical spirit.”

“Lord, Please help me to be the wise woman that builds her house and not the foolish woman who tears down her house with her own hands.

Help me today to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

Set a guard over the door to my mouth and a watch over the door to my lips.

Help me not to have the pride that leads to disgrace; but to have the humility that brings wisdom.”

Proverbs 14:1, James 1:19, Psalm 141:3, Proverbs 11:2

Prayers for my children:

“Lord, Please help my children to be godly, responsible, respectful, fully obedient, totally dedicated to you and hunger for the truth.”

“Lord, please write your name on my children’s hearts, set them apart for your service. Let them grow up to do great things in Christ’s name.”

“Lord, please let my children me steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” 1 Cor 15:58

“Lord, touch me and my family today by your Holy Spirit. Give us a genuine encounter with Jesus, transform our hearts and our minds. Empower us and embolden us. Give us no choice but to preach the Gospel and speak the Word of God. Give us times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Grant us boldness as we speak your Word.”

“Lord, Please let my children walk in the Truth.

Make yourself real to them and let them know how much you love them.

Please protect them from foolish companions, bad situations and influences, poor choices, danger and illness.

Show them their life’s calling and how important it is.”

“Lord, Please bless my children. Enlarge their influence. Help them to influence their world for Christ.”


From the book “Seasons of a Mothers Heart” by Sally Clarkson.

“Give my children your providence and grace as they find their own places in your plan and as they learn to trust their heavenly Father with their lives. Help me to be a part of what you are doing in the lives of my family members. Help me to align myself with your will. Help me to submit to YOUR agenda each day for my children, not mine. Give me the grace to be a mom that trusts you with her children and the plans that you have for them.”


The following prayers are from the book (compilation of prayers), Prayers for a Mother’s Day  by Ruth Bell Graham:

For God to Be What a Mother Can’t Be

“Lord, see in them what I cannot see.

Lord, bring to light what I do not know.

Lord, teach them of what I am not aware.

Lord, whisper to them what I have forgotten.

Lord, warn them of what I have omitted.

Lord, be for them what I cannot be.

Lord, love them for you are all they need.”

-Linda C. Zaenfel

A Mother’s Prayer

“Heavenly Father, I praise you for the privilege of coming before you humbly and interceding on behalf of my children.

Keep their hearts tender and sensitive to Your voice. Give them a love for Your Word and willing hearts to obey it. Help them to desire to walk before You in righteousness all the days of their lives. May they grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. Give them a heart of compassion and concern for the lost and the wounded. Lead them to a place of service in Your kingdom’s work.

Lord, send a guardian angel to watch over their going out and their coming in, and lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from the evil one.

Send enough rain to keep them dependant on You but enough sun to give them hope and encouragement. And, Lord, when they’re standing at the crossroads trying to decide which path to take, put a person of faith there to point them in the right direction.

Thank you for Your blessing. Your provision, and Your great love for my children. I ask this prayer in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”   -Shirley Dobson


“Not Making Faith Seem Like a Burden

Lord, someone once said that anything that becomes

a burden will be discarded with relief.

So please keep me from ever giving to the children

the impression that belonging to You

and obeying You are a burden and joyless journey.”

-Ruth Bell Graham


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