The Gift Closet

“A gift opens the way.” Proverbs 18:16a

For me, giving a gift is so exciting! I’m a believer in the old adage, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 

One reason I enjoy it so much is that I casually shop throughout the year while running errands and shopping for necessities. I might happen upon the perfect item for a loved one or find generic gifts, like candles, toys, or kitchen tools, for a yet unknown person and a future occasion in the clearance section. If I hear someone make a wish in passing, I can immediately purchase an item online and be ready to make that wish come true at the right time. It is an organic and joyful experience.

Instead of frantically hunting for last-minute graduation gifts, braving hectic stores during the busy holiday season, or hoping that backordered Amazon package arrives in time, I go to my gift closet where I find a labeled item for the occasion. All I have to do is wrap it! 

The gift closet has been a resource for neighborhood birthdays, hostess gifts, hospital visits, or any spontaneous opportunity to bless someone with a kind and, usually, unexpected gift. Make sure you keep a supply of greeting cards for all occasions at the ready, too. 

To help you keep track of your gifts or future shopping, we made a unique tool called the Gift Giving form. It is an excellent addition to our collection of organizational printables. This tool can be used to track all gifts purchased or to list individuals you are currently shopping for this season. This form can incorporate the children into the fun of gift-giving and keep tabs on where you are in the process of completing your shopping for any celebration. 

Click this link to access the Gift Givin printable.

Be sure to check out the corresponding video for more detailed instructions on how to use this form!

“For it is in giving that we receive.” St. Francis of Assisi

Click this link to check out the Holidays with the Help Club book. 


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