To Love or Not to Love…Cleaning

“Whatever you do, do well.” Ecclesiastes 9:10a,(NLT)

Okay, I gotta admit- I love a clean house and cleaning it myself! I pray, think, and work through problems while scrubbing a sink or wiping down the shutters.

It’s therapy for me. 

I bet you are either rolling your eyes in disbelief or saying, “Of course!” 

Either way, having a clean home is a challenge, especially when you factor in kids, cooking, errands, volunteering, and being employed! With the holiday season approaching, there are more tasks than usual. That is why we created the Cleaning Compass printable to help you keep up with the essentials within your home.  You can use this form to complete your personalized to-do list in an easy-to-use format.

The Cleaning Compass tracks the area to clean and then offers three different ways of managing chores daily. Cleaning is broken into small routines. 

You may be wondering, “Is it really that important to have a clean house?” Our home and its furnishings are gifts from God over which we are grateful caretakers. Parents are commanded to model obedience to Scriptural truth to children, including stewardship of all we are given. 

We have included the “15-minute Focus,” which is an excellent practice for your kids to learn to value and care for their home. When our children were young, we made a game of doing certain chores as fast as they could to the best of their ability using timers to “beat the clock.” 

Believe me, our children’s future spouses and children will thank us for training them! An orderly home is a blessing to those who live in it, fostering peace and creativity. 

Finally, a clean house is ready for visitors, making us prepared to offer hospitality. No more hiding from the doorbell, hastily shoving piles into the closet or feeling the need to apologize for the mess. We can relax with our guests, giving them our undivided attention. 

Click this link to access the Cleaning Compass printable!

Be sure to click this link to watch the corresponding video for more help in using the Cleaning Compass. 

Lastly,  remember to practice gratitude while cleaning and have fun with your children as they imperfectly help. You will be so glad you did!

“Excellence means being better today than you were yesterday.” Brian Harbour

Click this link to check out the Holidays with the Help Club book!

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