What Shall We Read Today?

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“Every day we have so many choices about what we can read. We can read our Facebook scrolls, we can read the newspaper, we can read a book, but the most important thing that you could ever choose to read is your Bible.” Julie Maegdlin

Julie Maegdlin

Julie Maegdlin

Julie is a wife and mom to two daughters, one who has graduated college and one who is currently working on her degree. Her passion is ministering to women, and opening her home to whomever God chooses to bring in the door. She's been a stay at home mom for the past 24 years focusing on her ministry to her family. Julie and her husband of 27 years moved from Chicago to Colorado Springs 21 years ago. She loves cooking, and the science of food, and teaching others about healthy eating.
Julie Maegdlin

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