15/5 Lent Challenge Reading Plan Printable!

Hey Help Club!!❤ Here is the 15/5 Lent Challenge reading plan!! Be sure to print this out and keep it in your Bible to reference during Lent. We are getting our hearts ready for Easter by spending 15 minutes reading the … Read More

Come To The Garden- Mom Tips Week One

“They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty— and I will meditate on your wonderful works.” Psalm 145:5 As we prepare to go into our garden and spend time with our dear Savior this Lenten season, we have designed … Read More

15/5 Challenge Day 1

  Friends, you are set free. You no longer live by the flesh but you live by the Spirit because of what Jesus did on the cross! Today, we encourage you to truly live set free. Jesus was our sin … Read More

15/5 Challenge Day 2

  The spirit of him who raised Christ from the dead is living in YOU! Can you believe that? It is nothing short of incredible. At any given moment, we are able to “tap into” that spirit. We can ask … Read More

15/5 Challenge Day 3

  Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He is the picture of mercy. His light shines on us each and every day because of his death and resurrection on the cross! Spend a few moments today praising Him. Turn … Read More

15/5 Challenge Day 4

  By His wounds we are healed. What a treasure! Jesus paved a new way for us. He broke through the sin barrier that separated us from God and made a way for us.  You are empowered today by Christ … Read More

15/5 Challenge Day 5

  Jesus took our pain and bore our suffering on the cross so we didn’t have to. What a gracious gift! This is something that is easily taken for granted in our christian walk day-in and day-out. Take some time … Read More

Super Succulent Spring Carrot Cake

I love rich and creamy cream cheese frosting! I can get lost in it, like the old Calgon commercials where a bath just took you to another place! Of course, there is no better combo, in my opinion, than moist … Read More

Save the Date!!

 Save the Date!  February 19th, we will be breaking from our study for a few weeks to observe Lent together. We are calling it “Come to the Garden”. Did you know that Jesus was in the garden the night before … Read More

A Great Idea to Help You Pray for Your Man

Are you looking for a practical way to show love to your husband this week? This idea comes from one of our awesome moms, Lauraine! “Create a prayer page for your husband! It can be part of a prayer journal … Read More

Mom To Mom: Mari Jo

Hello Sweet Mom! As I sit down to write about our study on loving our husbands, one thought on marriage prevails on my heart: when we say, “Yes” to Jesus, we enter into an eternal marriage covenant with Him. He loves so … Read More