5 Tips Start the School Year Strong

I’m a super laid back mom, which is helpful since I have four busy boys. It can also be a problem when we need to be somewhere prepared and on-time.

Starting the new school year can get a little crazy if you are a ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants’ or overly laid back person like me. Lots of rushing, perhaps some yelling, maybe tears, and forgetting important things (like lunch) have all been a part of our mornings because we had no systems or routines.

Once the school year was in full swing, there were times when I really wanted to send an email to a teacher, but couldn’t remember where the paper went that contained her email address.

So, here are some changes I’m making this year to start the school year strong.

1. PRACTICE your Morning Routine.

If you want to prevent a super stressful first day of school, begin your ‘back-to-school’ routine a few days beforehand. Slowly start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.  

In the morning, “play” like you are going to school. Work out the kinks and see how long it takes everyone to get ready. Mom tip: Take the kids to the park when everyone gets ready on time!

2. Prep the Night Before

Have your children get in the habit of prepping for school the night before:

  • Clothes laid out? 
  • Ipads charging? 
  • Backpacks and shoes by the door?

3. Use the calendar

Whether you use a paper calendar (like me) or a digital one, take time to add activities right away – school breaks, conferences, parent-teacher night, and even testing dates. Put important dates on the calendar NOW, so you have time to plan ahead. 

4. Email the teacher

As soon as you get the teacher’s email address – send him or her a short and quick note, letting them know how thankful you are that he/she will be investing in your child this year! The benefit of this is two-fold:

 – You establish a positive relationship from the beginning.

 – The teacher’s email is now in your contacts, so when you need to contact the teacher during the school year, you aren’t scrambling to find the paper that contains the email address.

5. Set the Tone

You set the tone for the attitudes in your home. If you keep a positive attitude, it’s more likely that your child will as well. Focus on the positive and share what you are excited about regarding the new school year. 

If your child is feeling stressed or anxious, listen to them and pray with them. Remind them that you are available, and God is always with them. 

It may help to play positive, uplifting music as you are getting ready for school.

We, at the Help Club for Moms, are praying for an outstanding year for you and your children. 


Kathryn Egly and the Help Club for Moms team

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3 Comments on “5 Tips Start the School Year Strong”

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  2. Ha ha Kathryn; I kept thinking ‘this sounds a lot like my daughter’, not knowing that you wrote this! I got to the end and saw, ‘Love, Kathryn Egly’! It just made me smile! I love your honesty about your struggles to be prepared in the morning when you are more of a ‘laid-back mom’! Nothing wrong with that!! Your ideas and pointers will be good for other mom’s as well ☺️ I know when I watch your sister’s four kids for several days when she and hubby are out of town, I often play out a scenario of the next morning in my mind, then I make sure as much stuff gets done before bedtime, like lunches, clothes, checking homework, etc. it helps my stress level amazingly!!😀

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