A Special New Year’s Eve for the Kids

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate the blessings of the past year and look forward with excitement and anticipation to the coming days. Do you need some inspiration for fun activities for your family this New Year’s Eve? Try some of these ideas!

Make a Family Time Capsule

Allow your children to decorate a box or container to use as your capsule to be added to each year. Pack your time capsule with mementos, pictures, and memories from the past year, and store it in a safe, safety deposit box at your bank, or secret place in your home. For additional information on Time Capsules check out www.theidearoom.net/new-years-eve-time-capsule-printables.  

Click here to print the Snapshot of My Year Printable. 

Pray Together for the Year to Come

Ask that the Lord would help each of your children to love Him and others more this year than ever before. Talk to them about seeking the Lord’s will and plans for the coming year. Following Jesus daily is an exciting way of life!

Choose a Word to Represent the Upcoming Year

(This coming year could be the year of joy, faith, kindness, quietness, or thankfulness). Discuss the way your chosen word could play out in your children’s daily life. Search your Bible or online concordance to find verses that apply. Make artwork, using markers, watercolor paints, or whatever you have on hand, depicting the theme for the year and how that word will be represented in your child’s life.

Have a Party! 

Use what you have on hand to make a fun, simple party! Be creative with party favors and props. Paper hats are fun and easy to make, and kids love to assemble and hang their own decorations. Have simple snacks and play board games or watch a favorite family movie. Your evening doesn’t have to be complicated to create lasting memories, and family celebrations are truly building blocks for beautiful memories!

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