Thankfulness Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thankfulness Photo Scavenger Hunt Do you need a fun activity your kids can do while you make Thanksgiving dinner or spend time visiting with family? Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Print off the Thankfulness Photo Scavenger Hunt HERE! Grab a camera … Read More

Christmas Kindness Challenge

Christmas Kindness Challenge Mama, do your kids need some encouragement in the area of pursuing kindness? I know mine sure do! Kindness isn’t always a natural response and it is so good to intentionally teach our children to chase after kindness … Read More

Christmas Advent House Devotional for Kids

Merry Christmas sweet friends! Are you looking for a Christ-centered Advent activity to do with your children? Look no further! This Christmas Advent House will add a dose of truth and beauty to your children’s lives all during Advent! You … Read More

10 Scriptures to Savor this Christmas

Do you need some positive Scriptures to help you keep your heart focused on Christ this Christmas? Consider printing out these wonderful Bible verses to keep on your bathroom mirror to remind you of the great love of Jesus Christ.  … Read More

A Special New Year’s Eve for the Kids

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate the blessings of the past year and look forward with excitement and anticipation to the coming days. Do you need some inspiration for fun activities for your family this New Year’s … Read More

Special Content: Children’s Advent House

Thank you for joining the Help Club for Moms Community on YouVersion! We hope you enjoyed our Children’s Advent House plan! Here are several resources that accompany this plan. If you would like to join us in the Holidays with … Read More

Have a Reformation Day Party!

Hey mamas! Have you ever heard of Reformation Day? I hadn’t either until a couple of years ago, now it is a fun tradition (PARTY!) we like to celebrate each year! Want to join us?! Reformation day is celebrated on … Read More

Children’s Christmas Advent House

Hi friends! The beginning of Advent is coming soon and we have some amazing treats for your kids in our new book, Holidays with the Help Club!   You especially won’t want to miss the Children’s Christmas Advent House! This … Read More

Celebrating Epiphany with Kids

Every year as I clean up our Christmas and begin putting decor and toys away, I feel a twinge of regret. No matter how strong we start December with Advent activities, special Christmas books, and traditions that encourage my children … Read More

Shepherd’s Meal Tradition

Here’s a fun, interactive way to give your children a taste of the excitement of Jesus’ birth and His loving sacrifice for us: Begin a Shepherd’s Meal tradition. Putting yourself in the place of the shepherds on the night Jesus … Read More