A Table for Two

My beloved spoke and said to me, ‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.’ Song of Solomon 2:10


I learned and experienced something beautiful recently and I wanted to share it with you. I’m praying it encourages someone today.

Jesus, the gentle and meek Creator of everything that is, deeply desires to spend time with us.

I received a picture in my mind of how Jesus feels about us, His children; His heart for us is so amazing and so very beautiful.

Today as I was worshipping, I saw Jesus seated on the floor at a small table in a beautiful alcove, waiting for me. He had set a table with delicious fruits, cheeses, and seeds for me to enjoy. I walked into the alcove, feeling a little timid, but He sweetly motioned for me to come in. We began to talk, and eat together, He even had some tea for me to drink (He knows how much I love tea!).

In my vision, I began talking with Jesus just like I do with my dear friends when we have lunch or tea together. We talked and laughed and recalled many beautiful moments of our life together– our love story. I opened up my heart to Him and listened as He shared His Words of life and love with me. As we talked and spent time together, He looked deeply into my eyes and I knew He was so happy that I was here with Him. Our time together was so sweet that I didn’t want to leave. 

Friend, what Jesus taught me through all this is that this is the reality of the beauty of time spent in communion with our Savior; He loves spending time with us!

Each day, Jesus has a table set for you and invites you to come in and dine with Him. Your Beloved wants to celebrate the love story you both share with each other and deepen His intimacy with you. 

Jesus wants to show you His wide and long and high and deep love, as only He can, and share His Words of Life with you. He wants to fill you up so much that the pressures and difficulties of this world won’t discourage you or make you feel anxious. 

When you spend time each day talking with Jesus and reading His love story to you, the Word of God, He gives you what you need to confidently walk out the plans He has for you, with love. During your conversations with your Savior, you will gain insight into your husband and children’s hearts, and will know how to love them well. He will even give you practical ideas on how to handle your money well if you ask. Jesus delights in helping you with everything!

His well never runs dry and He is never short on time. The table is always ready and the invitation stands every day for you and Jesus to meet together and share your hearts — at His table for two.

Deb Weakly

2 Comments on “A Table for Two”

  1. Your vision is beautiful! This encourages me to find this space with Him. Thank you, Deb! I pray through experiences like this we are able to find and accept our divine guidance.

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