Above the Storm

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

Above the Storm

One day while my children were bickering, God told me, “Be above the storm.” I was getting too emotionally involved in their arguments, so I was unable to remain calm and rational. He showed me a storm raging in the clouds above the earth. My view was like an astronaut seeing a storm from way above. Even though we are near the storms in which our children are involved, it doesn’t mean we have to become part of the storm emotionally. Sometimes, we need a reminder to step back and detach our feelings from what is going on so we are able to respond to them appropriately instead of reacting based on feelings. This has been one of the most difficult things for me as a parent, but God continues to give me wisdom each day on how to deal with situations as they arise.

I wish I could have more of the Jesus effect when I say, “Quiet, be still,” and my children would stop like the storm on the sea! Even though it doesn’t quite happen that way in our houses, we can look to Jesus for ways to handle each storm that comes our way.

Here are some lessons we learn from reading about Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4:

  • Even Jesus needed a break from His work and ministry. Mark 4:36 tells us that he left the crowd behind. Make sure you get time away from people to rest and refuel with God. It is essential to keeping your peace in the storms that your family will encounter. If you are faithful to consistently meet with Jesus, He will calm your heart and renew your mission.
  • Jesus was not surprised when the storm arose. In fact, He knew it was coming because he is all- knowing. We may not be all-knowing, but we can anticipate that problems will arise. When we plan for time in our days to train and discipline, we will expect the interruptions and not get as frustrated or angry when they happen.
  • Jesus slept peacefully while the storm was raging. We can also rest peacefully at night knowing that God will take care of our children. He has it all under control. Sometimes, sleeplessness does happen, but remember that God made you to sleep.
  • Jesus wanted the disciples to have faith even when the circumstances looked bleak. It is important to Him that we respond in Faith instead of fearing what may happen to our children or family. We can teach our children valuable life lessons in the midst of trial, bad choices, or mistakes by the way we handle things. Each storm is a learning opportunity for all. No matter what issues our children are facing, we must put our faith in Jesus and not in what we currently see or feel.
  • Jesus responded in authority. He knew He had greater power than any storm. We too can respond in our authority in Jesus Christ through prayer, fasting, and faith, speaking over the storm as Jesus did. There is something about our spoken word that allows God to work, Satan to be put in his place, and ourselves to get in line with what God is already doing.
  • Jesus went right back to ministering to others when He arrived on shore. In fact, that was His plan before He even arrived. Even though we need rest, God has given us the ability to continue to love and train our children day after day.

Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. (Isaiah 66:1)

Let’s dwell with Him, above the storm.

Blessings and Love,

Tara F.

Go Deeper:

  • Think about the things that set you off. Make a plan for how you will respond when these things occur. Oftentimes, I need to walk away and spend a few minutes in prayer until I can calm down.

What’s Next?

What are the causes of the current storms in your children’s lives?

Are you emotionally involved in the storms or are you able to “be above?” Pray and ask God to help you emotionally separate from the discord so that you are able to be like a refreshing summer rain in your children’s lives.

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