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Some days it seems as if the roar of kid frustration or sibling squabbles is the perpetual soundtrack of motherhood, doesn’t it? It can be so exhausting and can weigh heavily on our hearts, but God provides all we need to help our kids. When we give them an internal toolbox filled with strategies to deal with anger and frustration, we are providing them with a gift they will carry their whole lives through.

The pursuit of filling your children’s toolbox is a worthy one, sweet friends! The activity below will prompt your kiddos to begin learning methods that will help them each and every day.


  1. PRAY – “Before we begin this activity, let’s pray together and ask the Lord to give us wisdom to help us work through frustrations in ways that shine the love of Jesus.”
  2. STORY – Read the story on page 180 aloud to your child.
  3. BUILD & DISCUSS – Help your child manage their anger in an appropriate way with this fun toolbox! Simply make a toolbox out of two pieces of paper stapled on top of one another to form a pocket, cut the tools out, and let your child color as you talk about ways to deal with frustration that are pleasing to the Lord and encouraging to others! “Now, we will look at some tools to help us as we face problems in life.”
  4. CONCLUSION – “After we build our toolboxes, let’s talk about how Sara could have handled her frustration differently and how you can handle daily frustrations differently too. And remember, God loves you so much regardless of how you are feeling, and I do too!”

“In your anger, do not sin.” Ephesians 4:26

STORY: Sara awoke early on a Saturday morning, the brilliant sun filtering through her curtains and scattering speckles of light across her bedroom floor. “This is going to be the best day ever!” she thought as she slipped on her clothes and hurried down for breakfast. There was a big art project waiting on the kitchen table that she had begun the night before. She had made a sculpture out of clay for her friend’s birthday present, and today she was going to paint it.

Just then, a loud BANG! erupted from the direction of the kitchen. Oh no, her art project! Sara ran into the kitchen just in time to see her beautiful clay sculpture and paints crashing to the floor. Her sculpture had broken into pieces and the pots of paint had spilled all over the kitchen tile. Oh, how her heart ached! “How did this happen?” she wondered aloud. As she glanced up, she noticed her little brother shrinking back into a corner of the kitchen, a shadow of sadness crossing his face. “How could you?!” she yelled.

He tried to explain that it was an accident and that he had only meant to look at her project, but her heart was racing too fast to listen. She yelled at him and said things that she knew were wrong as she stormed back to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. “I am so mad!” she cried as she considered ways she could get even with her brother.

After a few minutes, she opened her door and walked decidedly toward his room and his newly built Lego set displayed neatly on his dresser. Quickly, Sara picked up the set and threw it to the floor. As her brother’s creation shattered into tiny pieces, she only felt worse. How her anger had gotten the best of her! If only she had made things go differently, she thought as fresh tears stung her eyes and her heart sank.

Have you ever had an experience like Sara in which you felt so angry that you had a hard time controlling your actions and your words? We all have, but the amazing thing is that God has given us tools, both in His Word and through the Holy Spirit, to help us solve our problems. We do not have to let anger and frustration rule our words and actions. We can walk with Jesus through each problem we face; He will help us every day!

Find the printable for the Anger Toolbox HERE!


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