Are You Feeling Sad, Mama?

Hello, Dear One, How was your Christmas? Do you feel happy or a bit sad?

My emotions have been all over the place. I have felt happy about Christmas but also feeling down for some reason.

I awoke today asking the Lord, “What am I feeling? Why am I so sad?” I went downstairs to the basement to meet with God, turned on my favorite song, “Trust in God,” and opened my heart and my soul to the Lord in worship. Then I started crying, and I just didn’t know exactly why. I honestly think I might be feeling as so many of you might be feeling- exhausted from all the work and stress of Christmas, and sad that it’s all over.

I looked for another song to sing, and “Just Give Me Jesus” by Fernando Ortega came onto the screen. I sat and listened to the words of that beautiful song, and it made me cry…again.

“You can have all this world. Just give me Jesus.”

I think the cry of my heart, and perhaps your heart, is that the only One who can fill the emptiness we feel is simply Jesus. He alone is who and what we need.

I wanted to write in case you might be sad too, and tell you that you were on my heart today. I also have something to share that might help you feel better. A few weeks ago, I created a 2-page “Supernatural Mom Scripture Prayers” printable. I honestly forgot that I made it until today.

As I was praying this morning, the Lord brought this printable to mind. Praying Scripture is something that really does help us feel more “supernatural joy”- the kind of joy that the world or our circumstances can’t take away.

So I pray you will take a moment to print this out and start praying these Scriptures over yourself and your family. I know it will make you feel better, especially if you feel sad, disappointed, or out of control. Focusing your gaze on Jesus and the power of the Word of God will help you enter into your new year more confident in the One who can (and will) change your life- your marriage- your kids- your finances- your health- your work…everything.

Receive the love of Jesus, Mama. Stand on the power of the Word of God. You will be more settled, content, and stronger as you do.

*You may click HERE to print.

I am excited to begin our next journey with the Supernatural Mom Mothering Kits and to learn how to live life in God’s power and strength, and not our own. I need to learn this just as much as you do.

With much love and prayer,

Deb Weakly and the Help Club for Moms Team

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Deb Weakly

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