Best Summer Ever Bingo for Moms and Kids – Printables!

Hey Mamas! Are you ready to have the best summer EVER and also win free prizes?

Join us for the HCFM’s “Best Summer Ever Bingo!”

Here’s how to play:
1. Print out the “Best Summer Ever Bingo for Moms” printable HERE.
2. Print out the “Best Summer Ever Bingo for Kids” printable HERE.
3. Pick activities to do and as you finish them, color in that number on the bingo square.
4. Each time you get a bingo, write “Bingo!” in the comments on this post HERE.
5. When you get a Blackout (all squares completed), write “Blackout!” in the comments on the Bingo post on the Help Club for Moms page HERE.
6. Prizes will be given away for the first Bingo and the first Blackout!
7. Each Bingo will be entered into a drawing for three more prizes on the evening of July 5th!!
8. Ready? Set? Go!
Deb Weakly

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