Salmon Three Different Ways

The Lenten season has always meant a 40-day period of sacrifice or giving up something to identify¬†with Christ and his suffering. Whether Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, or¬†nondenominational, we can all benefit from the season of reflection as we approach … Read More

Delectable Green Beans & Bacon

Are you looking for that perfect side dish to accompany your Easter dinner? Do you adore bacon?¬†I have the perfect dish for you! My kids, hubby, and I are all huge fans of bacon. When added to just¬†about any dish, … Read More

Meatball Appetizer

Easter is just around the corner. For many, the Easter holiday means family gathering together to¬†celebrate Christ‚Äôs ultimate sacrifice and resurrection. If your family is anything like mine, food is¬†usually involved! Whether it is a big, fancy meal, potluck, or … Read More

Delicious Lasagna

There are many ways to show our husbands that we love them. They each feel loved and appreciated¬†differently. Pray this week for God to open your eyes to a specific way to honor your man. When I want to show … Read More

Easy Granola Bars

For me, in this crazy, busy season of life with my littles, showing love to my children comes down to¬†1 Corinthians 13:4. Love. Is. Patient. There it is, sweet and simple. God exhorts us to be patient. This verse¬†really speaks … Read More

Shredded Chicken Tacos & Layered Taco Casserole

As a homeschooling mama of five, life can be hectic and busy. I must be very intentional about spending¬†time with God and His Word in order to hear from Him. When our schedule gets too overwhelming, I¬†must simplify life as … Read More


A sweet and personal time for me is when I worship the Lord. It makes me feel closer to Him, can¬†change my foul mood into a pleasant one, lift my soul, and give peace to my heart and mind. ‚ÄúSing … Read More

Overnight Oatmeal

When we seek to abide in Christ and obey His teaching, we find that God is faithful to guide us in¬†every area of our lives. Jesus says in John 14:26 that ‚Äúthe Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father¬†will send … Read More

Kettle Corn

The Word of God is sweet and soothing to the soul, filling you up and¬†comforting you. I love having my quiet time in the morning when I first¬†wake up, hopefully before my five kiddos wake. I love to hear from … Read More