Children are a Planting of the Lord

Children are a planting of the Lord, tended by the elements of a Christ-centered family.

If my children are a garden, I want them well watered in love to flourish and produce fruit. We do our best to read the Bible and other beautiful books, play games, and create memories. Then there is the cleaning, schooling, errands, cooking, training, and disciplining.
The day goes by so often and I haven’t accomplished what I wanted with my children. I go to sleep sometimes wishing I would have done or said something differently.

One night I was thinking about how I could add more beauty to our daily routine that would not rely on my mood or time restraints. I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to make an audio recording telling my children my very favorite things about them, reminding them how much I love them, and praying scripture over them; speaking whatever the Holy Spirit inspires over their life and future. When they go to bed, need some encouragement, or a little something special they can pop in the CD or play the recording on a device. Whenever they need it most there it will be at the push of a button. I know they would cherish a recording from dad also.

Where life is spoken, life abounds. When you look back, you will be amazed how God’s love has grown a garden of beauty in your home. God bless you, mommy, as you share Christ’s love with your children every day.

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