Christmas- Mom Tips Week One

“In His name the nations will put their hope.”  Matthew 12:21

The Wise Woman Builds Her Spirit!

  • Prayerfully pick a hymn or worship song for each of your children. Print it out and hang it on your child’s bedroom wall. Consider framing it to make a special Christmas gift. Make sure to tell the story of the hymn to your child. Tell why you think God gave that particular hymn to your child and sing it often. For more information on how to pick a hymn for your child, check out our website, go to Getting Started and click on special topics.
  • Complete all three Bible studies this week.


The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband!

  • Plan a time to sit down with your husband and pray together for your Christmas season. Here are some ideas on what to pray:
    1. Commit your Christmas season to God! Pray for wisdom and ask Him to show you which traditions and activities are most important for your family. Pray for His help to let go of any expectations and perfectionism that do not lead to His glory.
    2. Prayerfully consider a budget for your Christmas this year and cut back as needed.
    3. Ask God to help you not overspend and for you and your husband to work as a team.
    4.Pray for wisdom in gift-giving. Ask God for bargains, help with homemade gifts (time, patience and skills), and for your heart to be generous, but with the discipline to be frugal.
    5. When you are done, seal your prayer time with a kiss. Make it your aim to kiss your husband as much as you can this December.

The Wise Woman Loves Her Children!

  • Bring joy to your home by playing Christmas music all month! Have dance parties and sing-alongs.
  • Involve your children in decorating your home. Let them help you trim your tree. Make paper snowflakes or ornaments.

The Wise Woman Cares For Her Home!

  • While planning meals this week, look ahead to any holiday baking you will do as well as any parties that require you to bring a dish. Put the ingredients on your shopping list. Be sure to plan some easy crock-pot or pressure-cooker meals.
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