Closing One Door to Open Another

Now we find ourselves in that odd week between Christmas and New Years. There is a feeling of limbo as we navigate between the two; not sure what we should be doing, thinking, or feeling as we sit on the fence between one year and the next.
The older I get, the more reflective I find myself. As the calendar draws me closer to watching another year move from the windshield to the rear view mirror. Memories of this latest trip around the sun dance like popcorn kernels in a hot pan in my mind; some good, some not so good, and some that have changed me forever.
There were moments this year that cut me like jagged glass. The wound has healed, but the scar remains. I have found myself so mindful in these closing weeks of 2021 of my utter incapability to do anything apart from God, and how desperately I need His perfect and loving Hand to guide me wherever I go.
I can’t help but wonder what stories were written in your book this year and what was gained, learned, and lost. There is a natural inclination to want to change and improve in the new year. But before you take the time to make a lengthy list of resolutions and lofty goals for 2022, would you take a moment with me to prepare your heart for what is ahead by reflecting on what is behind?
Be thoughtful and intentional about how you invest in yourselves spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally, by being honest about how these areas of your life are currently going.
Grab a journal or sit with a friend. As the steam from your coffee cup rises before you, meditate and answer these 10 questions:
1. Have I prioritized God in my daily life?
2. Am I creating healthy habits for myself?
3. How can I operate with more gratitude?
4. In what ways do I need to unplug from electronics?
5. How can I be a better steward of my time?
6. In what ways am I trusting God in this season?
7. What relationships do I need to take deeper?
8. Do I trust God to take care of me financially?
9. How can I improve my prayer life?
10. Which areas of my life need pruning so I can produce more fruit?
I pray this thoughtful reflection will be beneficial for you.
May this door close with grace and may you open the next one in blessing,
Susie and the Help Club for Moms Team
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