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Changing the visual landscape of your home, even slightly, is a refreshing introduction to special times of year, generating a homey warmth, as well as anticipation for the coming celebration. Whether you use your children’s hand-turkeys to make placemats, purchase sophisticated linens and arrangements, or assemble your own vignettes with natural objects, this can be a time of fun and creativity for you and your children. Together-time crafting, wrapping presents, and walking through the woods to find pine cones and colorful leaves will turn into great memories that may someday become traditions for your kids.

Holiday decorating can be as elaborate or simple as you decide to make it. For example, some of us for whom Christmas decorating is our favorite thing get energized about making our house look like a winter wonderland, inside and out. There are those who prefer to keep it simple with just a tree so they can focus on traveling, attending events, or cooking. And still others, who have enough on their plate, may choose to enjoy the neighbor’s decorations through the picture window. “You do you,” in every season of the year and in every season of your life.

Whether you have two boxes of holiday decorations or twenty, this guide will help you break down the decorating process into bite-sized pieces while suggesting organizational tips and ideas for making your celebrations more festive.

Click here to print the Delighted to Decorate Printable!

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