Podcast Episode 9- Encouragement for the Waiting

👉NEW Podcast!! “Encouragement for the Waiting”!
2020 has proven to be a year filled with uncertainty, stress, and lots of waiting. We moms are constantly in a state of waiting and worrying:

– Oh no. My throat is scratchy… is it Covid?
– Are my kids going back to school?
– Will my child’s class be closed down this week for a Covid case?
– The election- what’s even happening here? Is there fraud?
– Who is going to be President and when will we know?
– Are we going to have riots?
– Will we have more shutdowns?

It’s all SO STRESSFUL!! Let’s talk about it! Join Deb and Linda on the podcast for encouragement for the stress of living in the year 2020, and how to stay strong while we wait.

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