☀️Everything You Need to Join our FREE Summer Study at the Help Club

Hey Mamas! Have all of the summer activities and travel plans canceling got you down? It’s so easy to feel discouraged during this very challenging season in all of our lives.

All of us at Help Club for Moms have been praying for you and asking God to show us the best way we can all encourage each other this summer. After much prayer, we felt God leading our writers to create a fun nine-week summer challenge to help us all stay focused on what really matters this summer- focusing on the Lord in all we do and cultivating a joy-filled life and home.

So without further ado, we would love to welcome you to the “Best Summer Ever Challenge!”

Here’s how it works:

  1. For the next nine weeks, we will read meaningful, joy-encouraging devotions that may be accessed directly on the YouVersion Bible app or downloaded from Help Club for Moms. The first two-week study is called “Enjoying Motherhood.” You can click this link to access the first study on the YouVersion Bible app.
  2.  Do you prefer a hard copy of the devotional? Please click this link to access the “Enjoying Motherhood” two-week devotional printable. 
  3. Each week, we will offer a free “Best Summer Ever Challenge” printable to give you simple ideas on how to stay focused on the good stuff this summer. You can click this link to access this week’s challenge printable. 
  4. The Help Club has heard from many moms who are contemplating homeschooling this next school year due to the potential of the schools still being closed. For these moms, we have created a “Best Summer Ever- Homeschool Edition” printable designed to help you get ready to homeschool in a step-by-step way for the next nine weeks. You can click this link to access this printable. 
  5. Lastly, we are offering a wonderful printable called ” A Moms Guide to a Fun and Meaningful Summer with Your Kids.” We are referencing this fun printable in our challenges so be sure to print this out! You can click this link to access the printable.

That’s it!! Easy peasy!! This is going to be a great summer!!!

We love you and are praying for you!!


The Help Club for Moms Team

Ps: Here is the summer schedule in case you need it! Stay tuned for next week’s challenge sheet!!
















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