God Will Bring You Through the Storm

Matthew 14-24-27.

My dearest sisters, imagine yourself in a small boat with the disciples during a pitch black morning on the Sea of Galilee. The wind is howling, the waters are roaring, the vessel is stranded in dangerous white caps.

All of the people in the boat are fighting to keep the boat afloat to reach the shore when a mysterious figure appears on the horizon. In an already tumultuous scene, greater fear grips you and the disciples as you all try to discern what you are seeing. Is it a ghost?

Where is Jesus when fear grips and suffocates you?

But it was Jesus. In the midst of the darkness, in the midst of that panic and fear, Jesus shows up but not in the way that you expected Him to. He is walking on the water. He seems untouched by the whirlwind. Your mind can hardly make sense of it.

After witnessing hundreds of miracles, even seeing Him feed the five thousand just hours before, the disciples worship Him as the Son of God because this is beyond anything that have witnessed so far. Their fear turned to faith.

Is your life being beaten by the storm?

Mamas, there is a Savior who can reach you in the greatest tempest and calm your anxious heart. Let’s be honest, you have been in the storm before, and you didn’t drown. Jesus was faithful to come to you. He knows exactly where you are right now and nothing can block His way.

His grace is sufficient to pull you out of turbulent waters—keeping your soul safe. Be encouraged today my friends. Weeping only endures for the night and joy will come one morning. God will put your feet on firm ground soon—you won’t be in this boat forever.

Blessings as you trust Him in the storm,

Susie and the Help Club for Moms Team

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