Be Attentive and Guard Your Heart

Self Control Day 3

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. Put away from you crooked speech, and put devious talk far from you. Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure. Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil. Proverbs 4:23-27 ESV

“Jesus! What a friend for sinners! Jesus! Lover of my soul!” – From “Our Great Savior,” by  John Wilbur Chapman


  • Thank the Lord that you have an opportunity to spend time with Him. Breathe deeply, relax and cherish the moment. If your children interrupt you, invite them to sit next to you with their Bible or devotional.
  • Read Proverbs 4:20-27. Write down v. 25. If you have time, read Proverbs 5:15-20.

Be Attentive and Guard Your Heart

Now that you’re a mom, do you feel like the phrase “Unavailable AND Unattractive” is stamped on your forehead wherever you go?

My husband loves me dearly. I know that Jesus loves me with a love that cannot be satisfied by anyone or anything. And yet, I find myself wondering if I walk by a complete stranger, will he notice me? (Not in the “Whoa-she-has-3-kids-stay-out-of-her-path” way!)

I don’t share this embarrassing tidbit about myself to simply make you laugh, but to point us back to reality: this world has nothing to offer any of us.

Whenever the world entices us to dance with danger, we must quickly go back to the Word of God. Our purity, our children, and our lives depend on it!

Reread Proverbs 4:20-27 ESV, then picture the imagery that the author conveys:

Verse 20 says to be attentive. Imagine a castle watchman looking at the horizon. He pays attention to what’s coming from a distance. He warns everyone of danger before it’s too late.

Verse 23 says to be vigilant. Picture yourself as a guard in charge of a prisoner. You must keep your eyes on this criminal at all times. It’s your one and only job! Your heart isn’t your prisoner, but it’s your most precious possession. Don’t let anything harm your heart.

Verse 26 says to ponder your path, meaning to pick apart, to scrutinize. Prayerfully look at everything around you. Examine your steps. Where are you going? Look at the steps right in front of you and the steps coming further along. Are you walking on a safe path?

If you continue reading in Proverbs 5, the Lord tells you about the dangers of adultery. Keep in mind, a more general idea of adultery is cheating on God. When you give in to the world, when you cheat on God, Proverbs 5:9-11 candidly paints the story of emptiness to come.

You will give:
-Your honor to others
-Your years to the merciless
-Your strength to strangers
-Your profits to foreigners
-Your body to consumption.

When you compromise your purity, you compromise your availability as a mother. It’s not worth it!

How do we fight the temptation to be attractive to the world? How does Jesus, our Savior and Lord, see you?

Do not present your members to sin as instruments for unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments for righteousness. –Romans 6:13 ESV

Let me clarify as to what this verse does not say. This verse does not tell you to purposely look ugly and haggard. God wants you to take care of your body. Fellow moms, it’s okay (but by no means required) to wear makeup, dress prettily, and put time into your outward image. But every time you dress, ask yourself, “Who am I trying to please?” If you look in the mirror and smile at how you’ve made yourself, are you smiling because you hope someone other than your husband will notice you? Remember, at all times, present yourself as an instrument for righteousness!

Questions to Ponder

  • Are you attentive to what’s ahead in the distance? Are you stopping danger before it gets too close to you?
  • Are you vigilantly guarding your heart?
  • Are you pondering the path in front of you? Are you examining everything around you?

Faith-Filled Idea

First and foremost, I know that some of you reading this do not have a husband. Here at the Help Club, we are praying that Jesus, your True Husband, will strengthen you.

Maybe you are married, but your husband struggles to empathize with you; he doesn’t tell you that you are beautiful and attractive, and maybe he is not even kind at all. Please know that I am praying fervently for you! This idea will take courage, but pray and then consider sharing with your husband that you would like for him to be kind and to speak words of affirmation to you. Make sure you are being kind as well and speaking words of kindness and affirmation to him. Notice even the little ways that he shows you love. Resist the urge to be critical. Pray for God to help you!


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10 Comments on “Be Attentive and Guard Your Heart”

  1. I love the scripture Proverbs 4:25 “Let your eyes look right on (with fixed purpose), and let your gaze be straight before you.” This is perfect for this topic purity in your marriage. Focus only on Jesus and he will show you all you need. Not affirmation from other men- because it’s not worth it! So good 🙂

  2. The castle lookout is such a great analogy…being aware and looking out for danger and heeding the warning long before it comes close, is a good way to guard the heart. Love this devo Daphne, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this so much Daphne! We can sometimes feel sad when we realize our youth is fading. It is then that we must cling to the verse that says that our beauty comes from a gentle and quiet spirit, and not from the things that the world calls beautiful. It is really true, and I see it in the women I know who are so beautiful. They all have a gentle and quiet spirit on the inside that is very beautiful to their husbands and to the Lord. Thanks for writing this Bible study.

  4. Thank you Daphne for breaking this down into ‘simple’ action items–to be attentive, vigilent, and to ponder our path! Great things to focus on!

      1. Thanks for sharing Daphne! I have enjoyed reading all of the studies and words of encouragement from the different ladies. This is such a wonderful way to start my morning! I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me today!

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