He Is Risen: A Fourteen-Day Devotional for Moms and Kids

Resurrection Sunday is almost here! As believers, Easter is the most meaningful holiday of the year, and we have the priceless gift of sharing it with our children. In fact, the best thing we can do with our short time here on Earth is to share Jesus with these precious people God has entrusted to us! Your children are never too old or too young to be reminded daily of the message and love of Jesus! This Easter
banner and devotional will be a sweet spot for you and your children to rest together in this season leading up to Resurrection Day!

Find the printable for the devotional HERE! 

Find the printable for the banner HERE!

The printable banner is available Monday, March 2nd!

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3 Comments on “He Is Risen: A Fourteen-Day Devotional for Moms and Kids”

  1. Hi! I haven’t been able to find the printable for the lent devotional’s banner and ornaments!! I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find it! Any guidance or a link?!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for saying hello! The banner printable will be available Friday. You won’t believe how beautiful it is!!

      We do not officially begin our Lent study at Help Club until next week (even though Lent begins this Wednesday). We finish up the “Love Your Husband” section Wednesday and then begin all of our Lent content Monday. Check back then!
      Thanks soooo much!

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