Help Children See the Power of Prayer

Hey Ladies! How are you doing with the Word of God Bible studies this week? I pray almost every day that I will continue to desire God’s word more than ever. I am praying the same thing for you all this week: that you will have a hunger for Scripture, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!

I love the studies from this week! Day two especially touched my heart, and I wanted to share how I am putting that day’s “Faith-Filled Idea” into practice with my boys!

Just as the study suggested, we grabbed a couple little spiral notecard books and some markers. Then I asked my boys to think of something they are thankful for or someone who needs prayer. They both drew or wrote their request on a page of the notebook and we prayed together.

So simple and quick, but such a good way to record your prayers with your children! I love that we can flip back through to see how God is working in amazing ways in our lives and the lives of people we love!

Take a few moments with your kids today to help them start prayer books of their own! This is such a beautiful way to draw your children into a prayer relationship with their Father!

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