Help Club for Moms Summer Encouragement Plans

☀️ Hello, Help Club Mamas!! ☀️ Are you ready for summer?

We are SO EXCITED to announce a SPECIAL summer program here at the Help Club designed to help us all ENJOY our families as much as possible this summer!!

Yes… 😌the Coronavirus may possibly alter our travel plans or the fun we planned with our husbands and kids, but no matter what, we can CHOOSE to make the best of it and enjoy the family the Lord has given to us!

So here’s the scoop!! 😍The Help Club writers have created four devotional plans and weekly challenge printables designed to help you have a GREAT summer. The best part is it’s all FREE and available at your fingertips on the YouVersion Bible App and also in printable form at the Help Club for Moms.

Here is what’s coming your way this summer!!

👉 1. June 1-12 “Enjoying Motherhood Plan”: “Raising kids in today’s culture is challenging. Now, more than ever, we moms need help! Join the community of women at Help Club for Moms as we learn about important, life-giving topics for moms designed to encourage us to keep going and stay strong!”

👉 2. June 15-June 26 “The Wise Woman Enjoys Part One”     and June 29- July 3 “The Wise Woman Enjoys Part Two” “Summer is a time when your children will experience every moment to the fullest and when you, dear mama, are given the precious gift of time – more time to enjoy your precious ones in your home. Don’t let this summer slip through your fingers. Journey with the Help Club for Moms as we learn how to become messengers of joy in our homes this summer!”

👉 3. July 13-29 “The Love Your Husband Challenge”: “Dear Sister, Do you long to grow closer to your husband? Do you find your marriage growing stale and in need of revival? Perhaps you desire more intentionality as a wife? Join the Help Club for Moms community as we discover powerful Scriptures and learn new habits to help us to love our husbands well. We hope you will join us! Your marriage will never be the same!”

👉 4. Every week, we will feature “Enjoy Your Summer Challenge” weekly printables on our website. In addition to these wonderful plans, we will offer weekly “Enjoy Your Summer Challenge” printables. These are easy and FUN Mom Tips to help you stay focused on what really matters this summer!!

👉 5. We are also offering a “Summer Homeschool Prep Challenge” weekly printables for moms who are contemplating or who will be homeschooling this fall. We know that the Coronavirus is potentially changing our kid’s education this coming fall, and many will be teacher-led schooling from home again. Because of this, many moms are considering homeschooling. This list of summer challenges is helpful for anyone who needs a checklist for getting ready to homeschool this fall.

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We hope to see you there!!

Deb Weakly

4 Comments on “Help Club for Moms Summer Encouragement Plans”

  1. Hi!
    I am enjoying the study thanks for publishing these devotionals.

    For the first week I noticed you had printouts, in addition to the app/Youversion.

    I prefer to read the devotionals as printouts–am I missing links where you had the printouts of devotionals for weeks 2, 3, 4 etc?


    1. Hey Meg!!
      It’s so great to hear from you!

      Yes, we had a printable for the “Enjoying Motherhood” study, but “The Wise Woman Enjoys” is YouVersion follow-along on the app study.

      The Love Your Husband Challenge coming week after next is a printable! Here it is:

      Also, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything we are sharing! There’s so much!!

      Thanks for being with us!!

      Oh!! And Hi Meg!! I just realized its YOU!!!
      Love you!! Deb

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