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Hello Moms!
It’s time to introduce to our #MomTipsInAction series!
Every week we will be highlighting a Mom Tip or Faith-Filled Idea from our latest study book, “The Wise Woman Knows.” These practical ideas are intended to help you run your household more efficiently and with grace.

This week we are featuring a#MomTipsInAction that is foundational.

“Get a pad of spiral bound index cards and write Psalm 119:89 on it. Keep it at your kitchen sink so that you will see it often and commit it to memory”. We, over the course of a study, often ask you to write down scripture to memorize. By using spiral bound notecards, you can easily set the verse up anywhere and you have all the Scripture verses in one place! What a wonderful habit it is to continually memorize God’s Word!

Comment below with a picture of your verse, written down and set up in your home!!

With love,

Leslie Leonard
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