Holy Week Reading Schedule

Welcome to Holy Week! Oh, Mamas, it’s sooooo good to slow down and spend some time pondering the events of our Lord Jesus during the week leading up to the Cross.

We have created a simple reading plan for you to know what Jesus was doing during Holy Week in Jerusalem before He went to the cross. We pray it will bless you and help you to go deeper with our Lord this week in the Scriptures!

Click this link to access the printable!

Deb Weakly

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  1. I was reading my vision Bible and I saw a plan in there it was called you can hear God’s voice after the devotion you had a iPod too I thought it was very interesting and I really wanted more of the iPod to listen and the devotions where can I find more iPods about discussions and some of your devotion I would love to hear more. Thank you so much for encouraging me I’m really enjoying the 5-day plan on how to hear God’s voice

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