Homeschooling with Heaven Podcast- Pages of Faith: An Interview with Steve Lambert

Pages of Faith: Nurturing Hearts and Minds for Christ in Your Homeschool

Hey, Sweet Mamas, Are you longing for a heartfelt conversation that will nourish your soul? Join Deb for an inspiring chat with Steve Lambert of Five-in-a-Row as we explore how to nurture your child’s heart and mind for Christ in your homeschooling. Get ready for deep insights and encouragement, just like chatting over coffee. This interview is a blessing, reminding us of God’s incredible presence and guidance in our homeschools. May the Lord bless you in your homeschools!

Click HERE to watch the video!

Click HERE for more info on Steve and Five in a Row Books! It’s the best curriculum in the world!

Click HERE to register for the Homeschooling with Heaven: Partnering with Jesus in Your Homeschool Conference in Colorado July 12-13, 2024!


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