How’s Your Marriage Going?

Mama, when you got married, it likely felt easy to love. You would both pay attention to the little things that made each other feel cherished and do them, often without even thinking. It was easy to love your spouse because your tank was full.

But if you are like most couples, things faded over time.

When life gets busy and you feel like your spouse isn’t loving you like they once were, it can feel so much harder to love in return. But if we only love our spouses when they are treating us well, can it really be labeled love at all?

I’m so thankful that God doesn’t love us this way! 1 John 4:19 tells us, “We love because He first loved us.”

Today, I want to challenge you to love first. If marriage is a picture of divine love, then it can only thrive when we love as God does—and He doesn’t wait to love us until He feels loved. He loves us even when we are at our worst!

If you commit to loving your spouse even when it feels like they aren’t meeting your needs, it makes all the difference. Often, all it takes is one spouse making the decision to love first to reverse course and rekindle the passion you once knew.

I hope this one idea blesses you today! This is just one of many concepts covered in The 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms, which has 40 bite-sized, actionable steps to transform your joy in less than ten minutes a day.

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Who doesn’t need just a little more joy?

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With love and prayers,

Deb Weakly

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