Joy Challenge for Moms Reading Schedule

Hello Leaders! The Joy Challenge for Moms is a 40-day program, but you may also go at your own speed. You can finish the program in 40 days or you can go slower, it’s up to you. We know you are busy moms! Here is a proposed reading schedule. Once again, you do you! Do what’s best for your groups!

Week One- Days 0-7

Week Two- Days 8-14

Week Three- Days 15-21

Week Four- Days 22-28

Week Five- Days 29-35

Week Six- Days 36- 40

*Please note, there are 6 special videos you may watch with your groups in addition to the 40 videos available to your moms to watch that correspond to the day’s short reading. Each day only takes around 15 minutes to complete.

The code to access the free Joy Challenge videos (valued at $87) with Tommy Newberry at is located inside your book.

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