Keeper of the Chocolate

Summer Day 23

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love that we will sing for joy and be glad all of our days.”-Psalm 90:14

Keeper of the Chocolate

While contemplating the wide-eyed wonder and belly laughs of childhood, I realized I hold a very important position as a mother: the keeper of the chocolate, the planner of parties, and basically the facilitator of joy. It seems unfair that I hold this power in my family. I know that if any of my children had this right, they would exercise it freely – sweets and roller coasters for everyone!

When the Bible tells us women will be saved through childbirth, does that saving grace come in part through the rose-colored glasses with which children show us the world (1 Timothy 2:15)? God is exponentially better, His love immensely greater than we could possibly fathom, and small children seem to inherently get it.

However, I’ve often missed small opportunities for laughter and fun in a quest for order and efficiency. How many times have I singled-handedly squelched my children’s joy? Denied a dip in the stream to avoid scrubbing mud from their clothes, refused a chance to paint a masterpiece to prevent paint-covered fingers and walls. There is a time and place for everything; I am certainly not suggesting you live as a slave to every whim of your child. It’s all about finding the proper balance.

I resolve to become more like a child, as Jesus instructed His disciples – to laugh and love with abandon, leaving my cares to my Heavenly Father. Isn’t that how God intends for us to live? Surely He derives pleasure from witnessing His children delight in small gifts, just as we do with our little ones.

God has given us this awesome world in which to live, and I intend to bask in the beauty of it. I pray He will open my eyes as I study my children, and help me to see all that is beautiful and precious. Teach me to immerse myself in pure, exuberant joy as I learn to live and love as God’s holy and dearly-loved child (Colossians 3:12). I want to bask in God’s abundant love, goodness, beauty, and grace every day of my life that I may emanate sincere, abundant joy all my life (Psalm 90:14).

Go Deeper

-Are there ways in which you should learn to become like a child? For example, do you yell at your children to clean their rooms when you ought to turn on some music, dance, and clean a bit less efficiently (I’m guilty of this)?

-Pray that you may relish in God’s blessings, internalize them, and let His joy and peace flow through you.

What’s Next?

Resolve to see the world through the delighted eyes of your sweet children instead of forcing them to see our tiresome, grown-up world. Look for the simple blessings in your life. Give thanks aloud and rejoice; ask your children to do the same.

Plan a special way to bless your family (an evening trip to the park, a favorite meal by candlelight, or a heartfelt love note). Revel in the joy of your loved ones. Read Psalm 90:14, and remind them of your quest for joy that starts with Jesus’s love!

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12 Comments on “Keeper of the Chocolate”

  1. You satisfy me more than the richest of foods. I will praise you with songs of joy. -Ps. 63:5 NLT I need to remind them to turn on music when they clean their room!

    1. That’s a beautiful verse. Thanks for sharing! My kids were just discussing delicious foods they expect are in heaven. I’m sharing this verse with them!

  2. Heather this is so appreciated and needed! I often am so task driven that I fail to look for opportunities to be joyful in front of my children. I want to cross things off my list or plan the next big thing – I forget to enjoy life… When I remember my own mother and smile – it is from reminiscing about her singing silly songs in the car and doing what you suggested- putting music on and dancing around the house. I need this reminder- thank you

    1. Rae-Ellen, I have the same issue. I tend to put of off joy and fun until the to-do list is complete, but that’s not how we should live. Jesus told Mary that Martha made the better choice in spending time with Jesus because He wouldn’t be with them long. The same goes for our children; our time with them is short!

  3. Heather this is just what I needed to read today! What a fantastic perspective and reminder! Thank you my friend!!

  4. Oh this is convicting. As a Mom I’m often too serious or task oriented and therefore squelch the fun out of my family. Thank you Heather…great reminder to fully embrace freedom and joy coming from God through my kids!

    1. Thank you, MariJo. Me too – I think we all do it at times. I pray this study will help you today!

    1. It truly is! I love being a mom… most days, lol. It’s for those hard days that we need God’s love and wisdom to help us through.

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