How About a Kid’s Date Night?

As a mama of 5 kiddos, it can be hard to get quality one on one time in with everyone on a daily basis. As most of my kids’ love languages are quality time, filling their love cups can be difficult if we are not intentional.

That is when Kid’s Date Night was born.

Once a week either my husband or I take one of our kids out for anĀ ice cream date. No strings attached. It’s not based on behavior or a reward, its simply to get someone on one with them and fill their love cups. We go to a local yogurt place where you get to pick their own flavor and toppings. This place has tons of kid-friendly games already there and we spend a good hour to hour and a half playing games, eating ice cream and talking about whatever their heart’s desire is.

Sometimes if we have the extra time or money we might take them to do something a little more customized to their personality. My husband took my oldest ice skating last winter and she loved it and still talks about it. Bowling, laser tag, painting dates. Get creative within your own family’s means.

For our family, we have a rotation. We alternate which parent goes each week working with a different child each time. It takes a good two months or longer for each child to get a one on one date with each parent but that time is very special to them.

This does take lots of planning on my part. I sit down every few months pull out Google Calendar where my husband and I share our family and personal schedule and see where I can fit in the time each week. Kids date night means also being intentional to set aside the money to go each week. We go by the Dave Ramsey system and have a kids date night envelope just for this purpose.

Now, this is something you have to have grace with. There have definitely been seasons where we don’t have the time or money to do this. When this happens we try and let each child have a night where they get to stay up a little late and have a little one on one game time, painting nails for the girls, or just a little activity that speaks to their heart. The goal is to be intentional to set aside time for one on one time.

Do you do kid date night with your kiddos? If so, what are some fun things you do? Haven’t started yet but want to try, let us know in the comments below. We love to share ideas with each other!

P.s this is my Isaac when we went on our ice cream date and seriously he was beaming like this the entire time and yammered on for an hour straight. He really thrives on one on one time.

Brandi Carson

Hey mamas, My name is Brandi Carson, and I am a homeschooling mama to 5 littles, first generation Christian, lover of food, friends, and dark chocolate, frugal thrift shopper who loves to find a good deal or a new project to work on and create. I am a mama that became a Christian after I started having babies.

My husband and I got married very young and started a family right away. Life has been a series of many trials that we have had to work through, like having a daughter with severe ADHD, moving to 4 different states in 2 years, health problems and just life in general. Through the years the Lord has shown me so much grace and love and has taught me so much about how to be humble, show love and grace.

Each day I strive to be the best mama and wife I can be and fulfill the calling the Lord has placed in my life. I have a passion to help other mamas in any way I can. I am still a work in progress and make mistakes like everyone else and am nowhere near perfect but I am learning to pick myself up, forgive myself and keep seeking the Lord in all I do.

We are finally settled in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado for the past few years where the Lord has allowed us to build a house and grow roots. He brought me the Help Club for Moms and the amazing community I get to be a part of.
Brandi Carson

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