Let’s Make an Awesome Jar!

Let’s Make an Awesome Jar!

Friends! This is Leslie with the Mom Tips Team at Help Club for Moms. The time has finally arrived! The 40 Day Joy Challenge for Moms has begun! I hope you are joining us on this important journey to reclaim your Joy as a Mom, Wife, and Daughter of a King.

Each week during the 40 days, we will highlight some of the daily Mom Tips from The 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms  devotional Workbook.

Today, I am highlighting the Mom Tip from Day 4:

“Find a container and make it your family’s “Awesome Jar”. Make it a habit to add one slip of paper to the jar each day celebrating the good things in our daily lives.”

I am committed to finding at least one great thing that happened every day of the 40-Day Joy Challenge for Moms program (even when it’s hard and I am really grumpy).

Look for more Mom Tips each week.

Ps-If you haven’t yet joined the challenge, it’s not too late to sign up! Go to joychallengeformoms.com for more information!

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5 Comments on “Let’s Make an Awesome Jar!”

  1. Thank you, Leslie! Teaching our children to be grateful and to see God’s blessings is so important.

  2. Great tip! I have a marble from a previous mom tip, and it now sits around in the way. I think I will reuse that since it’s pretty.

    1. Plus, It gets your kids involved. They get to see you finding the positive in the day, not the negative.

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