Lies vs Truth

Lies vs Truth

Hello friends, this is Kathryn.

Recently I was lying in bed at night with fears that were keeping me awake. Those fears included:

– What if something bad happens to one of my kids?
– I’m failing as a mom. Do I really have what it takes?

My mind would follow this dangerous path of negativity making me feel so much fear I could not sleep.

After a couple nights of this, I decided that I would no longer allow let these thoughts steal my joy…and my sleep!

I got up and I wrote down what was scaring me – The LIES. Then I found TRUTH from scripture and wrote that down.

Ladies, this works! Every time those negative thoughts try to fill me with fear and steal my joy…I speak the TRUTH. It quenches the fear and allows me to move forward in confidence, joy, and sleep in PEACE!

(More information about this can be found in our Joy Challenge, Day 3)

Kathryn Egly
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11 Comments on “Lies vs Truth”

  1. Thanks Kathryn for choosing to crawl out of bed and fight with the only offensive weapon God has given us – HIS VERY WORDS! Just a good reminder

  2. Kathryn — This is a GREAT WAY to cast down vain imaginations / the terror by night ( it seems the enemy of our souls loves to attack when we are Tired ) — laying out the TRUTH beside the fear allows us to see how HUGE the truth is — God’s WORD IS HIS will ❤️😘❤️😘

  3. Love it! Such good practical help for fighting the enemy’s lies. 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Shirley

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