Look for the JOY in Each Day

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

How we live our days, burdened or joyful, stressed or blessed, despair or hopeful, is all in our perspective, the attitude we take on for the day.

We can let the negatives in our life take precedence and be the highlight or we can stop and truly look for the joys of each day. Choose to slow down and let those be our focus. We can question all our problems, become victims of our own circumstances or trust the Lord’s plan for us.

Be blessed by opportunities of growth, aka trial, and in the process look for the light. Take the time to pray and ask God to show you the truth of your situation and to help you find the blessings in even the hardest times. Trials are our opportunity to become stronger and grow in our relationship with the Lord.

I am a person that is easily overwhelmed, can lose perspective, and focus on the negative. If we just stop “and smell the roses” we can stop being blinded by life’s problems. Let’s face it, we aren’t alone, everyone has hardships and problems. Choosing to see the joy and blessings God gives us each day and each moment will help us live our life the way God intends us to live.

How we see our life is about the perspective we take, believing God’s word or the lies the enemy tries to get us to believe. Instead of just surviving, our life can be about thriving and being blessed by the beauty in the trial. Focus on the truth of God’s word and His blessings and life will be much more satisfying and beautiful.

That’s what my goal is, to change my perspective, my outlook, and take the time to focus on the beauty right in front of me that I could be missing if I allow the trials and hardships be the main focus in life. Jesus wants to bless us if only we seek Him first.


Love, Brandi Carson & The Help Club Team

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